Cheltenham’s red phone boxes to be turned into art galleries

Good luck Cheltenham not one but ten city centre phone boxes to be converted to art installations!   I always wondered if the phone boxes on the Edinburgh Royal Mile could have a similar treatment.  Any suggestions on who to contact at the local council?  I doubt they’ll have any spare cash what with the tram project though….


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Beach Delights and Postcards

Beach Delights

Beach Delights by Marion Preez, Photo by Max Blinkhorn

A Belated Happy New Year.   It’s been over a month since the successful unveiling of Beach Delights by Marion Preez, our first official installation.    Many thanks for everyone who attended.   The evening was an opportunity to celebrate the transition of moving from the technical part of the project – the restoration and the installation of the lights – to the display of artwork by local artists.  I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to write this but what with work, family and Christmas I just didn’t have the time to write anything.

On the evening, Marion gave a short explanation about her work, the following is taken from her blog

A few years ago I started creating self-portraits using a scanner. The scanner being designed for processing and translating data at high speed, whereas when taking these images I had to do the opposite: slow down and hold still.

Creating ‘Beach Delights’ I scanned my own and my kids feet and hands, a toy boot and ice cream and a stick; all referring to the different senses, materials and textures you experience when being on the beach as well as bringing playfulness into it.

Showing the images in bigger than real size invites to look at the hands, feet and objects more closely, to explore ourselves as well as the things and spaces around us.

I’ve just ordered some postcards which will be on sale in local shops, including COVE and Friday Street.   All proceeds will go towards the Porty Light Box project and also The Toddler Hut Rebuild Fund.   Many thanks for Max Blinkhorn for letting us use his photo.

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Beach Delights

Beach Delights

Announcing the official unveiling Beach Delights by Marion Preez

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Remembrance Sunday

Photo 10-11-2013 16 51 15

I’ve been wanting to write this post for a long time.  The artwork currently on display in the phone box was created last year by the children at St Philip’s Church, Joppa, to commemorate Remembrance Sunday.  I’m so pleased to finally be able to display them as I think they are beautiful.  Created by the hands of children, they commemorate a solemn event – using the Poppy and other flowers – yet their bright colours and joyfulness are a welcome sight in these short days and long nights, with the depths of winter still to arrive.  I think they work really well within the phone box and I hope all the people who pass by the phone box will pause and enjoy them as much as I do.

On a different note, this marks the transition of the Porty Light Box project into a new stage.  We’ve completed the renovation of the phone box  and installed the acrylic panels and lights.   We’ve had a bit of fun with the Hallowe’en Special and now we’ve commemorated Remembrance Sunday.  The Porty Light Box is now an established part of the Portobello street scene and to celebrate this, we intend to have an unveiling event for the next display, to coincide with the Portobello Christmas Crawl on the 28th November. Watch this space for more details.

If you have an idea for a display, please do get in touch.  Many thanks to John Craik at Printvision for his assistance in printing these images.

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Hallowe’en Special

Photo 30-10-2013 22 17 11 Photo 30-10-2013 22 17 21 Photo 30-10-2013 22 17 31 Photo 30-10-2013 22 17 40 Photo 30-10-2013 22 17 49

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Lights in action

Big thanks to Max Blinkhorn – local photographer and recently elected member of the Portobello Community Council for this short video

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Diffuser screens made and installed!

After an epic evening in horrendous weather, Tim and Steve assembled and installed the diffuser screens.  This is a huge milestone.  The existing LED rope is still being used – we’re upgrading it soon – but the overall effect is superb!  The light is diffused evenly and when the LEDs are in the flashing light mode, it looks like the smallest disco in the world.  The photos and video don’t do it justice – be sure to check it out soon.   Next step – install the brighter lights and the artwork.

Photo 16-10-2013 18 31 59 Photo 16-10-2013 19 09 21 Photo 16-10-2013 21 17 53

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