BT remove phone equipment.

BT remove phone equipment.

The phone box has had the phone equipment removed.

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4 Responses to BT remove phone equipment.

  1. Tim Kerby says:

    Could you offer free wifi from the phone box? Having been in the Italian lakes recently, many communities used poster sites and public info points to offer free wifi where users had to sign on with a page containing information on the local area and businesses. I’m sure the high street businesses may be willing to sponsor the equipment and Internet connection in return

    • Hi Tim
      Sorry for the delay in replying. There’s been a bit of a hiatus with the project. Great idea about the WiFi hub but I’m not sure technically how it could work – especially now that it’s all been disconnected – but I think it’s well worth further investigation. I’m just about to write a post about a related idea.

  2. Tim Kerby says:

    You could probably use wifi hardware to bridge to an internet connection elsewhere and provide the hotspot functionality – e.g. an adsl connection in a nearby flat / business. Have a chat with the folk at the Edinburgh Hacklab – they could help and can probably also advise on any AV / electronics you may be interested in

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