More sanding…and things to do

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A bit more work during the week, and today with Tim,  sanding the old paint back and preparing the surface for painting.   Robin said he’ll have a go at stripping the paint from the four crowns, these will probably be re-painted in gold and hopefully the detail will really stand out.

Anyway, some folk have suggested I post a list of things to do so that they can help as and when they have some time which is brilliant.  Thanks for all the offers.  I have some materials, paint, tools.  Feel free to contact me and I’ll arrange to get them to you.

There is a step-ladder inside the kiosk.  Call me for the key and we can make arrangements to leave it somewhere if necessary.



The door doesn’t need to be touched!

1) Finish preparation of the outside – removing any residual bits of silicon sealant from joins, smoothing off any rough bits of paint remaining.

2) Finish preparation of the frames especially the inside corners – remove old sealant, dust and rust.  We’re not trying to get a perfect finish but we want the new paint to have a good key so it remains weather-proof for as long as possible.

3) The inside of the roof needs a quick rub down with a wire brush or sandpaper to remove loose paint.  Likewise the inside walls generally.

4) The roof is mostly done, just check the edges and sides of the roof section.  The top air vents need to have loose rust and paint removed, as well as old silicon from the old ‘TELEPHONE’ signs.

5) When all the sanding is complete, wash the kiosk down with warm soapy water top to bottom, inside and out.

6) Install new silicon sealant along joints.  Best if I show whoever wants to do this where I mean.  I have the sealant and a sealant gun.

7) Once dry, the exposed metal work will need a dab of Red Oxide primer.  I have a can of this and a brush.  The exposed metal will have a thin coat of new rust on it.  Rub this down just before painting and wipe loose dust away.  Only exposed metal needs to be done, any red oxide primer left can be used generally over the kiosk.  Prime the brass key hole plate on the front door.

8) When primed, painting can begin.  Hopefully by this stage the paint will have been ordered.  This is Currant Red 539C and conforms to BS381C (yet to be bought).  Two coats will probably needed.  Another reminder – the door obviously is OK and doesn’t need painting!  Paint over the brass key plate on the front door (after it has been primed)

9) The inside of the roof needs to be gloss white down to the top air vents.

10) The inside walls and frames are red.  The metal back panel that has been removed is gloss black (this can be sprayed  or painted by hand)

11) The concrete outside plinth is to be painted black.

12) Next stage will be the installation of the new tempered glass and glass frames (yet to be bought).   In an earlier posting I thought that the new door had polycarbonate plastic window panels and we would replace the existing with new plastic panels.  It turns out that the door actually has glass and besides, it isn’t possible to get new plastic window panels.  So Mark Smith the local glazier has offered to help in some capacity.  More on that development later.

13) Install  the replacement – yet to be bought – ‘TELEPHONE’ signs.

14) Polish up the glass and brass.   Stand back and admire our work.

15) The NEXT stage is the creation and installation of the light box diffuser screens.  More on that later.  Hopefully in time for a Christmas themed display?

Click here to see a K6 Kiosk Information document from BT for a bit more information

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3 Responses to More sanding…and things to do

  1. Tim Warren says:

    Good job Steve – looking forward to the opportunity to invest in this exciting artisitic venture. I thought you could invite people to become members at three levels…bronze (£1) silver (£2) or……GOLD at the bargain rate of £3 ! Surely an irresistable investment opportunity for all those budding social capitalists out there?

  2. Fantastic post, I really look forward to updates from you.

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