Who was the guerrilla knitter?

Old news this really, but what with family life, work, Christmas, New Year, Christmas Tree Bonfire parties and the like – things have been a bit busy.   Most of you who are on Facebook would’ve seen the photo of the knitted telephone that was placed in the kiosk just before Christmas.  Here’s a photo of it for those that didn’t.  Unfortunately it didn’t stay put long as there still isn’t glass in the kiosk, but I hear it was recovered nearby.   A big ‘well done!’ to whoever knitted it.

We are hoping to do something simple with some coloured lights soon but if anyone has the urge to do something similar to the guerrilla knitter (or different) whilst we wait for warmer weather please get in touch.  We can put some of the original plastic panes in as a temporary measure if that helps.

Finally, I’d just like to say another big thank you to everyone who helped fund raising. We currently have £1,594.32 in the fund (after VAT and transaction fees).  

Of course, if anyone wanted to contribute but missed the SpaceHive deadline, we are more than happy to accept donations!

Photo 21-12-2012 21 54 40

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