First coat applied!

A false start yesterday.  We actually got so far as taking the lid of the paint and giving it a stir before the clouds closed in.  Today however, we woke up to blue sky and decided to give it a go.  Luckily I was able to go into work late and with thanks to Dallas for her impromptu childcare we managed to get a first coat of red paint on the phone box.   It feels so good to actually get this far.   Lee the postman even got in on the act.   I’ll leave it a couple of days to fully dry and then sand it down lightly with a very fine sandpaper before applying the top coat.  

Then there’s the gold crowns, black metalwork and base.  About the crowns. I was speaking to Tony Inglis from Unicorn Kiosks who gave me a detailed account on how to gild the crowns with gold leaf (I’m not sure we’ll use gold leaf as the budget doesn’t stretch that far) and he explained that originally, all the crowns on all the phone boxes were simply painted red.  Tony explained that he had restored a couple of K6 phone boxes in Central London, and decided to gild their crowns to make them stand out.  After that, he started noticing kiosks elsewhere having gold crowns.  So, even though it might not be authentic, I think it’ll look good for our kiosk to have gold crowns too.



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