Prototype Lighting

Quite a lot to update you all with tonight. Local resident Tim Warren came up with a genius idea today.    Taking the used cardboard tube from inside a roll of carpet, he cut it to length, covered it in aluminium foil and then wrapped a LED rope light around it.   Voila!  A free standing light column.  The idea works and is so simple.  Have a look if you’re passing by.

This week we need to order 28m length of high output, outdoor rated LED rope and wrap the entire length of the tube to create a columnar light.   Can anyone get this a cost?  NB. someone please check my maths – a 2.5m high column, 10mm thick LED rope, and the diameter of tube is 35cm.

Likewise the 3 opaque panels area ready and waiting and cut to size – all we need is someone willing and able to construct some sort of frame to allow us to take the panels easily in and out to change the light.  Any takers?

Finally, a big thanks to John Craik, from PrintVision Scotland who has printed the name panel onto frosted acetate – that’s ready to go in this week too!

Photo 22-09-2013 15 15 19

Tim Warren – local genius

Photo 22-09-2013 20 09 51

Prototype lighting column

Photo 22-09-2013 20 10 21

Bellfield Street Residents gather to admire Tim’s work.

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