If the shoe fits…

The Porty Light Box has been transformed into ‘Porty Shoe Box’ by local photographers Margaret Drysdale and Peter E Ross. They invited a variety of Portobello people to have their oldest pair of shoes photographed and displayed for all to see in the Porty Light Box at the junction of Bellfield Street and Portobello High Street.

The photographers see old shoes as having their own personality but also as somehow reflecting aspects of people’s identity and life experience. Some of the shoes are from the 1980s and some from just this year and every one of them suggests its own little story.

“It’s just a bit of fun really”, Maragret said, “but interestingly it has captured peoples imaginations and has sparked off some interesting conversations about shoes.”

The inaugural exhibition ‘Beach Delights’ by Marion Preez was this time last year and since then there have been a number of displays including the most recent ‘Power to Communicate’, which was one of a series of exhibits throughout the city by Outlook Project students as part of the Scottish Mental Health Art and Film Festival.

The site specific artwork ‘Porty Shoe Box’ will be on show throughout December and January.

[Written by Peter Ross for The Portobello Reporter]

IMG_0636 IMG_0624 IMG_0626

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