What a pane…

Photo 06-12-2014 13 27 15

As some of you know the lightbox was vandalised twice this week.  On Tuesday night a single pane was smashed – it was quickly replaced on Wednesday during the installation of The Shoe Box.  Then on Friday night nine panes were smashed – the Friday night frenzy appears to have coincided with other acts of vandalism in Portobello.   Unfortunately we only have 3 spare panes of glass, not enough to repair this damage.

The good news is that the positive support and response from the local community has been really amazing.   A very quick fundraising appeal has raised over £185 which will go towards replacing all the broken panes. If people would like to contribute towards the repairs and further maintenance/exhibitions please use the link below.

We are considering alternative ways to mount the glass to make the panes easier to install and we are looking at using modern plastics as an alternative.

Until we have time to fully clean out and repair the glass, we’ve wrapped up the lightbox to protect the box from the elements and to prevent small, inquisitive fingers getting cut on any remaining pieces of glass.

Also, we would like to hear from joiners/carpenters who may be able to help improve the fit-out of the inside of the lightbox to make it more efficient in changing the art installations (and getting in/out to replace broken panes!).

Once again thank you all for your support!


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