Desire Line

desire line n. An informal path that pedestrians prefer to take to get from one location to another rather than using a sidewalk or other official route.

Passion is the theme for the 2015  Scottish Mental Health Arts & Film Festival (SMHAFF) which takes place in venues across Scotland from 10th – 31st October.

One of the world’s largest social justice festivals, with annual attendances of over 20,000, this year’s SMHAFF will see over 300 events staged throughout the country, including film, performing arts, literature, music and visual arts.  The Festival aims to support the arts and challenge preconceived ideas about mental health.

This exhibition displays the work created by a group of students who attended Outlook’s adult education program during the summer. The digital media workshops, ‘DeCode’ offered the opportunity to learn skills and explore the concept of ‘Desire Lines’ …what are the paths we take to help maintain our health & wellbeing.

Margaret Drysdale, from The Outlook Project helped organise these artworks and this Porty Light Box installation.  Outlook wishes to thank all participants involved in creating the ideas for this installation as well as the Outlook tutor who supported those who were involved.

This piece of work is made of three individuals and their chosen route taken, a comfort or an adventure, their desire line. 

Wordplay by Sherlockbell

A to Z of life…A live performance by CelB

Hope by Tameeza L

Desire Line

Desire Line

Desire Line

Desire Line


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