St Valentine’s Day Special

It’s almost St Valentine’s day.  Do you want to do something special for the loved one in your life and help refugees?  Do you want to send out a message to someone special?   Then the Porty Light Box is  here for you!

Post an original image in one of its 23 available  window panes for the bargain price of £10 – and share the love!  All profits after printing costs to


  • First come first served.
  • Email your ‘copy’ – text, poem, photo, or scanned drawing to Peter Ross who will arrange the artwork and Tim Warren who will confirm availability.
  • Pay for your pane by cash by dropping £10 in an envelope to 26 Bellfield Street
  • ‘Copy’ needs to fit within a large window pane 36cm by 17cm. (That’s a bit narrower and wider than a sheet of A4).
  • ‘Copy’ will be displayed as landscape
  • Please keep all images and poems etc. suitable for public display!
  • The final total amount raised for Help Refugees will be confirmed as soon as possible after the 14th.


Picture2   Picture1




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