Porty Art Walk – Creative Consequences : Jon Davey and Jen Russell

This month as part of the Porty Art Walk the light box is hosting “Creative Consequences” a joint installation by Jon Davey and Jen Russell.

Jon Davey and Jen Russell met briefly at a flat party in Glasgow in 1987 and a week or so later met again in Edinburgh when they talked at length about art and poetry. The two have not met in person since that day in 1987, nearly 30 years ago, but have corresponded sporadically over the years, never completely losing touch.

This work is a small selection from a much larger body of work that Jon and Jen have produced during the past year. Each week Jen would send Jon a poem and he would send her a photograph, creating two creative ‘strands’, each poem inspiring a photograph, each photograph inspiring a poem.

Jon Davey is a freelance photographer, now living in Portobello. Although his professional work mostly consists of conferences and events, his personal work is frequently more local and personal.

Jen Russell was born and raised in Cambuslang in Glasgow and now lives in Buckinghamshire. She works as a copywriter. She has written books for children and teenagers under the pen names Jenny Smith and J L Smith.

Hamiltons Sweets

There were succulent sherbets
Liquorice treats
And caramel toffees
At Hamilton’s Sweets

Chocolate Fondants
Turkish Delight
Wine gums and rainbow drops
Glistening bright

White mice and jelly tots
Strawberry laces
Catherine wheel lollies
As big as our faces

Sugared almonds, marshmallows
Flying saucers and bubblegum
Creamy vanilla

Now the windows are boarded
The shop has closed down
Empty shelves, dusty sweet jars
Shutters rusted dark brown

Poor old Mr Hamilton
No longer sells sweeties
Now that most of the town
Has Type 2 diabetes

Hamiltons Sweets photo by Jon Davey

Hamiltons Sweets photo by Jon Davey © 2016


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