Art Walk Porty 2021

Last weekend Art Walk Porty 2021 started. In preparation the phone box was cleaned, the glass polished and the outside given a coat of paint.

The installation this year is slightly unusual. It’s called PORT and whilst the installation itself is a series of maps, it really is a placeholder for something very different.

Four artists, Henna Asikainen, Louise Barrington, Elspeth Penfold, Stephanie Whitelaw


A synchronised walk taking place across four UK coastlines at the same time (Tankerton, Kent; Stromness, Orkney; Holy Island, Northumberland; and Portobello).

The walk in Portobello guided by Stephanie Whitelaw will be an invitation to touch, breathe, & play with the sea during low tide, whilst considering the other locations and our changing climates.

The walk will explore the shoreline towards Musselburgh, walking at a slow and engaged pace.

Porty Light Box exhibits mappings that thread together the four coastline locations.

Full details about the four locations and the artist-led walks available via

Walk: Sat 11th Sept, starting 10.30am Meet at Porty Light Box, Bellfield St Portobello

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