Beach Delights and Postcards

Beach Delights

Beach Delights by Marion Preez, Photo by Max Blinkhorn

A Belated Happy New Year.   It’s been over a month since the successful unveiling of Beach Delights by Marion Preez, our first official installation.    Many thanks for everyone who attended.   The evening was an opportunity to celebrate the transition of moving from the technical part of the project – the restoration and the installation of the lights – to the display of artwork by local artists.  I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to write this but what with work, family and Christmas I just didn’t have the time to write anything.

On the evening, Marion gave a short explanation about her work, the following is taken from her blog

A few years ago I started creating self-portraits using a scanner. The scanner being designed for processing and translating data at high speed, whereas when taking these images I had to do the opposite: slow down and hold still.

Creating ‘Beach Delights’ I scanned my own and my kids feet and hands, a toy boot and ice cream and a stick; all referring to the different senses, materials and textures you experience when being on the beach as well as bringing playfulness into it.

Showing the images in bigger than real size invites to look at the hands, feet and objects more closely, to explore ourselves as well as the things and spaces around us.

I’ve just ordered some postcards which will be on sale in local shops, including COVE and Friday Street.   All proceeds will go towards the Porty Light Box project and also The Toddler Hut Rebuild Fund.   Many thanks for Max Blinkhorn for letting us use his photo.

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